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  1. Walker graduated that spring just six weeks before the accusal.
  2. I really don't appreciate the accusal merely based on observation and coincidence.
  3. Wilson was the first New Zealand judge to resign after an accusal of judicial misconduct.
  4. In such a meeting, there is no need for an attack, an accusal or a threat.
  5. Poland and Romania received the most direct accusals, as the report claims the evidence for these sites is " strong ".
  6. It's difficult to find accusal in a sentence.
  7. Sub-titled " The Song Of The Thief ", this is, of course, a conscious accusal of musical plagiarism.
  8. I got a bit panicky / aggrivated when I saw the accusal, and was relieved when I saw your guys'response.
  9. In January 2014, a reform was introduced to both simplify the procedure as well as make it a criminal offence pursued by the state, rather than a private act of accusal.
  10. The last two times the article was protected, the final edit before the protection was yours, and both were reverts  so your accusal that I am edit warring is a little amusing.
  11. While her Witchcraft trial began in 1674, decades before the infamous Salem Witch Trials, she was one of many persecuted in the decades before, illustrative of the mindset common in accusals of witchcraft that targeted towards the richer members of society rather than the poorer outcasts.
  12. And even if he was accused there is unclear if it can be regarded as a reason to neglect the estimations regarding the Moldovans from Romania, because Vladimir Socor is a venerated analyst of East European affairs and the accusals of William Hill ( indeed, William Hill accused Vladimir Socor, not the organization OSCE ) have nothing to do with the number of Moldovans from Romania ( see here ) .-- talk ) 21 : 25, 3 July 2008 ( UTC)

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