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  1. The four-wire resistance configuration increases the accuracy of measurement of resistance.
  2. The 1.5 percent allowance is intended to make up for variations in the accuracy of measurements.
  3. A key question is the accuracy of measurements of glucose in the fluid under the skin.
  4. Race yachts carried military grade GPS tracking and telemetry systems to enhance the accuracy of measurements.
  5. Accuracy of measurement when using a caliper is highly dependent on the skill of the operator.
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  7. Weighing carbon and hydrogen directly, rather than estimating them volumetrically, greatly increased the method's accuracy of measurement.
  8. The 1 . 5 percent allowance is intended to make up for variations in the accuracy of measurements.
  9. Theories of test reliability have been developed to estimate the effects of inconsistency on the accuracy of measurement.
  10. The qualification'small'means that at some given accuracy of measurement no change can be detected in the scale factor over the element.
  11. "Only reliable and high technology instruments can help improve the precision and accuracy of measurement and finally the quality of product, " said Arifin.
  12. Molchanov's radiosonde construction was so perfect technically, that it was used until 1958 without any significant changes, providing sufficient accuracy of measurements, regularity and stability.
  13. For instance, Dolgashev mentions the following contradiction : increasing accuracy of measurement of machined balls while avoiding the use of expensive microscopes and elaborate control equipment.
  14. As society has become more technologically oriented, much higher accuracies of measurement are required in an increasingly diverse set of fields, from micro-electronics to interplanetary ranging.
  15. But as one goes further back in time, it becomes even more difficult to rely on the accuracy of measurements of tiny differences in temperatures over the years.
  16. This was a substantial honour in recognition of the notable feat of cartography and accuracy of measurements that featured in the " New Map of the Thames ".
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