account of in a sentence

"account of" in Chinese  
  1. gave differing accounts of what happened before he dined on his hapless
  2. Time for some new thinking to take account of new realities.
  3. Accounts of alien abductions have become as stylized as Kabuki drama.
  4. It was to write a brutally honest account of my experiences.
  5. There were sporadic accounts of structural damage to buildings and homes.
  6. It's difficult to find account of in a sentence.
  7. Liberian government accounts of the fighting could not be independently confirmed.
  8. Yet the legal system takes no account of such mental mechanisms.
  9. But they both use the accounts of important yet minor players.
  10. Federal investigators have already frozen the personal bank account of DaSilva.
  11. Neither account of the labor camp deaths could be immediately verified.
  12. We give a more detailed account of what to expect here.
  13. White said Yolanda Dickens gave her an account of the tragedy.
  14. You might go with IRA accounts of one sort or another.
  15. $29 . 95 . ) An illustrated account of an advertising
  16. None of the accounts of the refugees could be independently confirmed.
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