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  1. The other cases involve aiding and abetting criminal activity and giving false accounts of business dealings.
  2. There was also a reassignment involving the U . S . account of business products marketed by Microsoft Corp.
  3. Less than a year later, he resigned on March 18, 1863 " on account of business and family affairs ."
  4. The new report, an account of business lessons being applied to the government, makes a naked appeal for more public attention.
  5. On account of business experience, he was assigned as a Lend-Lease control officer in the U . S . Army Air Corps, with rank of captain.
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  7. The Milan investigating judge has requested the papers for three proceedings _ concerning bribery of officials, aiding and abetting criminal activity and giving false accounts of business dealings.
  8. Many countries introduced anti-terrorism legislation and froze the bank accounts of businesses and individuals they suspected of having connections with al-Qaeda and its leader Osama bin Laden, the accused perpetrators of the attacks.
  9. Ramsden agreed and the two walked together down Broadway while Lewis gave him a guided tour and pointing out businesses and giving exaggerated accounts of business dealing with various New York business firms.
  10. My request for assistance is for somebody to create a page that does not currently exist, and which I believe I should not create on account of Business and Economics project request page.
  11. Nobody in our national conversation is talking about that _ and with such sunny accounts of business's place in the world as Drucker's still abroad, nobody is likely to for some time to come.
  12. James McDougal, whose accounts of business dealings with Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton ultimately led to the sprawling Whitewater investigations that continue to haunt the first family, died on Sunday in a medical prison in Fort Worth, Texas.
  13. McDougal, whose accounts of business dealings with Bill and Hillary Clinton sparked the Whitewater investigation that still troubles the Clinton administration so many years later, died Sunday after suffering a heart attack in solitary confinement in a federal prison.
  14. This real-time enforcement takes account of business context, such as time of day or day of the week, the application used to access data or open a document, a user's identity or role, the user or device location, and so on.
  15. The developing portrait of the Babis / Bah?韘 from accounts of business men and travelers communicated to the Dutch public, for example, was different than the early reports of isolationist rebels with poor morals, and was of being prone to engage with foreigners, being monogamous, and seeking out civil authorities for protection from Muslim mobs.

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