account of advances in a sentence

"account of advances" in Chinese  
  1. However, Captain Pottinger was unfit to sail in the " Novice " on account of advancing years.
  2. This is done when death is imminent or when a monk feels that he is unable to adhere to his vows on account of advanced age or terminal disease.
  3. Another version of this story has the son defending his father's capacity although he himself had applied to be excused certain official duties on account of advanced age.
  4. However, over the previous year, Warner Brothers'publishing arm had become increasingly troubled by a lack of communication from Polley regarding the status of an escrow account of advance funds.
  5. So Marxist philosophy must continue to take account of advances in the theory of politics developed after Marx, but it must also be wary of a descent into theoreticism or the temptations of idealism.
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