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  1. The decision also took into account No Child Left Behind, the federal accountability program.
  2. July 1992 _ Semi-secret Account No . 88888 is opened in Barings internal accounting system.
  3. A fund has been set up at Norwest Bank to help them, Account No . 1272705885.
  4. For example, A . H . Sub-Account 1 is now listed as account No . 4224.
  5. In June 2009, adding funds to your account no longer re-directed to a website outside of the site.
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  7. Hubbard Heights Elementary established an account at Bank One ( account No . 1595742808 ) to help her with funeral costs.
  8. The NO 2 concentrations are calculated taking into account NO-NO 2-O 3 chemistry and the residence time of pollutants in the street.
  9. The losses were hidden in account no . 88888, which Leeson also used to obscure his later, catastrophic losses in the market.
  10. People can donate to the victims'families at the CMAZ LLC Community Memorial Benefit Trust Fund, Wells Fargo Bank, Account No . 1936417805.
  11. The largest single portion _ more than $ 40 million _ coursed through Citibank account No . 342034, according to the investigators.
  12. According to the paper, Nachfolger held account No . 211846 with the Nederlandse Post, Cheque en Girodienst, the forerunner of today's Postbank.
  13. By the time the British whiz kid fled, account No . 88888 concealed multimillion-dollar losses that brought down Britain's oldest investment bank, Barings.
  14. Also noteworthy is that the other accounts no longer edited on the article but branched out, per Jehochman  s recommendation to them.
  15. Since these accounts are all dynamic accounts no action can be taken against them other than to note that they are probable sockpuppets.
  16. A bank account ( Settlement Account No . 180461008 ) linked with Ozero cooperative society has been established at the Leningrad Oblast Bank.
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