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  1. The Serbs accused the government of violating the accord with the arrests.
  2. Only this will be in accord with its most basic national interest,
  3. The Belarus accord replaces an EU accord with the former Soviet Union.
  4. He went on to sign the historic peace accords with the PLO.
  5. Others burned banners with the names of various peace accords with Israel.
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  7. Barbados and Jamaica have resisted signing drug accords with the United States.
  8. Turkey has had an association accord with the EU since the 1960s.
  9. Gurria was here seeking an eventual free trade accord with the Union.
  10. The European Union signed a nuclear energy cooperation accord with Argentina Wednesday.
  11. Egypt signed the Camp David Peace Accords with Israel 18 years ago.
  12. The government signed an interim peace accord with the rebels in July.
  13. The MNLF signed a peace accord with the government in September 1996.
  14. Sabena of Belgium and Swissair signed an accord with Delta Airlines.
  15. His efforts to negotiate a lasting peace accord with Arafat failed.
  16. For that purpose, it has signed an accord with Barclays Bank.
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