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  1. Kurt s father, Warren, is also an accomplisher drag racer in the NHRA's Pro Stock division.
  2. He symbolized recovery from illness, as his name means " the accomplisher " or " bringer of completion " in Greek.
  3. It is named after Jos?Pinheiro Borda  an ageing Portuguese engineer who supervised the building of the stadium for many years, thus becoming the biggest accomplisher of his own dream.
  4. Sorin Lerescu published music analyses and reviews, was an accomplisher or a guest on radio and TV shows, and held conferences about the Romanian contemporary music and his works at home and abroad.
  5. Thus, by calling him accomplisher or performer of his goings or his conduct, of his battles or sea-voyages or huntings or weapons or ships . . . . Woman should be periphrased with reference to all female garments, gold and jewels, ale or wine or any other drink, or to that which she dispenses or gives; likewise with reference to ale-vessels, and to all those things which it becomes her to perform or to give.
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