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  1. These are not technology promises, these are accomplished facts.
  2. The possibility of two months ago has become the accomplished fact of today.
  3. In his last speech he told that the Parliament had become an accomplished fact.
  4. The French authorities taken aback by this scheme were forced to accept the accomplished fact.
  5. That law is an accomplished fact.
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  7. The surplus is not an accomplished fact; it is only a / { projected / } surplus.
  8. The monarch however was not willing to interfere with the new appointment as it was an accomplished fact.
  9. The Resurrection of the Body . . . has in her case been anticipated and is already an accomplished fact.
  10. When the cast pitches into the title song, it is expressing an exuberant hope rather than celebrating an accomplished fact.
  11. And like everything else associated with this deal, the reconstruction at RFK is an accomplished fact, before the fact.
  12. However, it's still too early to speak of this as an accomplished fact, " he told Interfax.
  13. Executed as a communiqu? the Agreement was not a peace treaty according to international law, although it created accomplished facts.
  14. In June 1884, C醕eres accepted Treaty of Anc髇, " as an accomplished fact " but he continued to fight Iglesias.
  15. However, it's still too early to speak of this as an accomplished fact, " he told the Interfax news agency.
  16. Initiatives of a few and irresponsible persons employing the policy of accomplished facts cause the escalation of conflict and mobilization of extremists on both sides,
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