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  1. Early accompanyists included Bob Silverman on piano and Pete McLeod and Jeff Wood on guitars.
  2. Andrew Kirin, a stage name for Andrew Krehel, became a noted jazz accompanyist, as well as a member of new wave band The Jetsonz.
  3. It may have been written as fluff, but it's flavored with a subliminal sadness that belies its own happy ending . " The production won the Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Revival and was nominated for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Revival of a Play Actor Albert Macklin, who portrayed sardonic accompanyist Maxie received a Best Actor Obie Award.
  4. Szab?recorded an album with Lena Horne on Skye in October and November 1969 . Szab?had been part of Horne's backup band when she performed at The Nugget in Nevada in November 1966 and then when she performed ( with Harry Belafonte ) at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas in September 1969 . Likely Szab?had been first introduced to Lena Horne by her longtime accompanyist and his former band leader Chico Hamilton.
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