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  1. The bass begins the accompagnato : " Thus saith the Lord ".
  2. In most cases the arias are preceded by non-Gospel accompagnato recitatives.
  3. The accompagnato begins in A flat major, shifts without stability and ends in B major.
  4. The recitative alternates between secco and accompagnato, with the same accompanying motifs as in the chorale.
  5. Part II opens with the cantata's only recitativo accompagnato, for bass with oboes and continuo.
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  7. The accompagnato recitative " " ( The serpent that in Paradise ) explains that sin has been redeemed.
  8. "Behold, I tell you a mystery " is rendered as a bass accompagnato in D major.
  9. Bach also uses " recitativo accompagnato ", which utilizes other instruments so as to be more emotionally expressive.
  10. The text is set as a short tenor accompagnato, again based on a pattern of dotted notes in the instruments.
  11. Accompanied recitative, known as " accompagnato " or " stromentato ", employs the orchestra as an accompanying body.
  12. Both parts contain besides the bible narration ( rec . ) a reflective accompagnato recitative ( acc . ) and an aria with obbligato instruments.
  13. The accompagnato recitatives for all soloists are accompanied by the oboes with material from the ritornello, while the horn and the strings continue the motif.
  14. Though shocked, the emperor includes her in the general clemency he offers ( recitativo accompagnato " Ma che giorno ?mai questo ? " ).
  15. The " Sei Solo  a violino senza Basso accompagnato ", as Bach titled them, firmly established the technical capability of the violin as a solo instrument.
  16. Four of the recitatives are " secco ", accompanied only by the continuo, but the first one of each part is " accompagnato ", brightened by the strings.
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