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  1. Calls for Rafiei Wednesday were directed to the company's Radio Access unit.
  2. "They battled really hard for " the Direct Access unit, Shah said.
  3. Gandalf's remote-access unit had annual revenue of about C $ 20 million.
  4. This additional intelligence of the DRAM access unit further increase the decoder complexity.
  5. It is also extensively winterized by arranging most of the operating equipment inside the cargo access units.
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  7. Later IBM would release Controlled Access Units that could support multiple MAU modules known as a Lobe Attachment Module.
  8. It describes the medium access unit functions as well as some medium dependent interface features according to ISO 8802-2.
  9. Token ring is a logical ring topology, but is wired as a physical star from the media access unit.
  10. This succession of access units constitutes the denominated  Video Elementary Stream ( Video E . S . ) .
  11. The client-access unit will produce and sell 3Com products to distributors, which will sell them to a wide range of customers.
  12. The unit sizes vary from 1 sqm to 27 sqm of which there are direct access units and heated internal units.
  13. LAMs can be daisy chained and connected to a HUB, known as Controlled Access Unit ( CAU ) in token ring terminology.
  14. Novell said it would also retain Perfectworks, an entry-level program combining several applications, which has been folded into its Internet access unit.
  15. Separately, Levin dismissed recent reports that Road Runner, the company's high-speed Internet access unit, was discussing a partnership with competitor At Home Corp.
  16. Some key concepts of the NAL are NAL units, byte stream, and packet formats uses of NAL units, parameter sets, and access units.
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