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  1. "Access time of CD-ROM just wasn't up to speed, " he said.
  2. The Stats : $ 479, SCSI, 145 ms access time, 256K buffer
  3. The Specs : $ 550, SCSI, 145 ms access time, 256K buffer
  4. This will be done many times, so access time is very important.
  5. The pager also held access time information in order to tune performance.
  6. It's difficult to find access time in a sentence.
  7. XMDF files are smaller and allow faster access times than ASCII files.
  8. These times include the storage access time, which was about 62 microseconds.
  9. Key-value pairs are stored on a disk which has slow access times.
  10. Servers were originally used for reducing the access time of popular sites.
  11. As access time of all the widespread RAM types ( e . g.
  12. Access time is 30 ms and data transfers at 806 kB / s.
  13. Displays are larger and clearer and access times on networks are improving overall.
  14. Both of these drums also had an access time of 4, 400 microseconds.
  15. Better hard disks have fast access times and large transfer rates.
  16. Access time is 25 millisecond and data transfers at 885 kB / s.
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