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  1. The low drag airframe produces acceptable performance on this low power output.
  2. Early Doppler radar sets relied on large analog filters to achieve acceptable performance.
  3. CALGreen also specifies acceptable performance standards for plumbing fixtures with reduced water usage.
  4. Here, echo cancellation and suppression can work in conjunction to achieve acceptable performance.
  5. Alternately, larger aperture antennae can require less power from the satellite to achieve acceptable performance.
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  7. "Sure, you can get by with last year's technology, which still delivers very acceptable performance,"
  8. This is required to achieve acceptable performance in hostile environments involving weather, terrain, and electronic countermeasures.
  9. Acceptable performance over phone lines lets you skip ISDN, which is still pricey and hard to troubleshoot.
  10. The Firefighter 1 rating requires advanced courses in wildland firefighting as well as acceptable performance as a FFT2.
  11. There are no accepted standards for blank discs and recording devices, so acceptable performance cannot be relied upon.
  12. As an early benchmark, Amin rates that as an acceptable performance, but it wouldn't pass muster these days.
  13. However, because of the lack of thorough, provable security properties and low acceptable performance, chaotic cryptography has encountered setbacks.
  14. Moving target indicator is generally required for acceptable performance near terrain, but this introduces radar scalloping issues that complicate the receiver.
  15. Management-by-exception maintains the status quo, intervenes when subordinates do not meet acceptable performance levels, and initiates corrective action to improve performance.
  16. A secondary advantage in military radar is to reduce the transmitted power while achieving acceptable performance for improved safety of stealthy radar.
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