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  1. Acceptable material does not include forking content, or hosting content not suitable for mainspace.
  2. This narrows down the list of acceptable materials.
  3. "I'm frustrated that 15 years after the call for reform, we still don't have acceptable materials, " she said.
  4. The examining psychiatrist concluded that this selectee suffered from pyschoneurosis and was not acceptable material from the psychiatric viewpoint.
  5. As for his other claims, Army doctors concluded he was " not acceptable material from a psychiatric viewpoint ."
  6. It's difficult to find acceptable material in a sentence.
  7. "If this is considered acceptable material, then we are tearing down all the boundaries of decency on television, " she said.
  8. As opposed to just hastening deletion of perfectly acceptable material ? talk ) 05 : 35, 14 February 2008 ( UTC)
  9. They created " Open Sesame ", a series with no specific cultural references in it and, as Horne described, " universally acceptable material ".
  10. ChosidFrumBirth's recent edits are changing what I thought was acceptable material by numerous individuals .-- Klezmer 19 : 18, 29 April 2007 ( UTC)
  11. I have no doubt as to whether you or I have a better grasp on what is acceptable material for inclusion to a Wikipedia article.
  12. In order to find 50 blocks of acceptable material, the limestone had to be from the Jurassic geological period, which ended 150 million years ago.
  13. I think I'm in the right about it being acceptable material, but I'm also a newbie at Wikipedia, so any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. A land lost to the ocean also helped the Tamil revivalists provide an explanation for the lack of historically verifiable or scientifically acceptable material evidence about this ancient civilization.
  15. "NYPD Blue " and " Philly " executive producer Steven Bochco was beset by questions of pushing the envelope in terms of what is acceptable material for broadcast television.
  16. :: : : According to Wikipedia definition of an Cristicism guildelines :  " Negative criticism of a topic is acceptable material, and should be included in this encyclopedia.
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