acceptable market name in a sentence

  1. In the case of seafood labeling, the FDA created the Guide to Acceptable Market Names for Seafood Sold in Interstate Commerce.
  2. Through the years, the Federal Government has worked to provide consistent and scientifically sound recommendations to industry and consumers about acceptable market names for seafood sold in interstate commerce.
  3. In 1993, The Fish List was revised to include the acceptable market names for domestic and imported invertebrate species sold in interstate commerce, and renamed The Seafood List.
  4. The Seafood List provides information to assist manufacturers in properly labeling seafood and to reflect the acceptable market names of new species introduced into the U . S . marketplace.
  5. In the USA, the FDA accepts only " sablefish " as the Acceptable Market Name; " black cod " is considered a vernacular ( regional ) name and should not be used as a Statement of Identity for this species.
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  7. *" Guidance for Industry : The Seafood List-FDA's Guide to Acceptable Market Names for Seafood Sold in Interstate Commerce " http : / / www . fda . gov / Food / GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation / GuidanceDocuments / Seafood / ucm113260 . htm

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