acceptable losses in a sentence

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  1. Previously news division had been acceptable loss leaders for networks.
  2. Acceptable losses were to be around 400 fighters and 100 150 pilots.
  3. They did this, at acceptable loss rates, by night bombing.
  4. Oh well, it's an acceptable loss.
  5. We seem to fall into the acceptable losses.
  6. It's difficult to find acceptable losses in a sentence.
  7. Then they decide on acceptable losses.
  8. McCrie, the criminology professor, said the banking industry considers these " acceptable losses ."
  9. _Acceptable losses : You gotta crush the frustration factor by hiding a few in plain sight.
  10. The plan is predicated on the principle of inevitable and acceptable losses in the face of unavoidable conflict.
  11. The bank scaled back its outer limit for acceptable losses to $ 250 million and overhauled the way it thought about risk.
  12. Bauer tells him that he did not try hard enough, and that he wrote him off as an " acceptable loss ".
  13. "Acceptable Loss " received generally positive reviews, with critics mostly commenting on Ice-T's performance throughout the episode.
  14. After Blitzwing and Skywarp bring the base down, Bumblebee helps save the humans, despite commenting previously that they would be acceptable losses.
  15. For example, there is an ongoing debate on how the conceptions of acceptable losses affect how the United States conducts its military operations.
  16. Coulson assures her that he isn't Fury, and that unlike Fury, he has an " acceptable losses " number of zero.
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