acceptable limit in a sentence

"acceptable limit" in Chinese  
  1. The law involves some redistribution of authority, but within clearly acceptable limits.
  2. We really stretched the patience of our customers to the acceptable limit.
  3. One year is on the high side, but is within acceptable limits.
  4. Cairo's air exceeds the World Health Organization's acceptable limits for most pollutants.
  5. The maximum acceptable limit of a leakage current is generally 210 micro amperes.
  6. It's difficult to find acceptable limit in a sentence.
  7. The pH level has always been within acceptable limits, he said.
  8. Every one is trying to define the acceptable limits of bipartisanship.
  9. Carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide levels also are above acceptable limits.
  10. Carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide levels are also above acceptable limits.
  11. The preferable route is a reduction that produces a probabilistic result within acceptable limits.
  12. But Balkenende said the prince's remarks were within acceptable limits.
  13. (BBOX ) Let your child know that you decide on acceptable limits and boundaries.
  14. An acceptable limit of NRW is below 25 per cent.
  15. The particular RfA that sparked this thread fell well under acceptable limits for promotion.
  16. By these standards we are well within acceptable limits.
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