acceptable life in a sentence

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  1. The report endorsed marriage or celibacy as the only acceptable life styles for priests.
  2. It's an acceptable life for the right person, and Wendell Alexis is clearly the right person.
  3. She found peace in the discovery that she doesn't have to be religious to lead a morally acceptable life.
  4. Electrical machines are usually designed with an average temperature below the rated hot-spot temperature to allow for acceptable life.
  5. Modern editions of standards are proscriptive, only indicating that the insulation system must provide acceptable life at the specified temperature rise.
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  7. "We are giving campesinos alternatives so that they can have a more acceptable life, " the Bolivian president told the Spanish news agency EFE at Madrid's Barajas Airport.
  8. "Some criminals have come to view jail as an almost acceptable life style because amenities are better for them on the inside than on the outside, " said Rep . Dick Zimmer, R-N . J ., who was the author of the no-frills amendment adopted by the House in February.

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