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  1. Those measures would be needed to keep air quality at acceptable levels.
  2. All this has to be taken correctly and within acceptable levels ."
  3. Plot lines themselves have yet to reach an acceptable level of inspiration.
  4. The acceptable level set by the Health Ministry is 0 . 5ppm.
  5. The acceptable level of cadmium in fish is 2.0 parts per million.
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  7. So the economy may attain an acceptable level without more rate increases.
  8. Dissolved oxygen, a sign of marine health, is well below acceptable levels.
  9. Charlotte-Mecklenburg had achieved an acceptable level of desegregation among its students.
  10. The acceptable levels also apply to refrigerator ice makers and kitchen instant-hot-water taps.
  11. "By that moment oil prices will reach an acceptable level, " he said.
  12. Our goal is not to reduce terror to some acceptable level of nuisance.
  13. Radiation levels inside, the EPA found, are up to 100 times acceptable levels.
  14. By the time production reached acceptable levels, it was too little too late.
  15. These are screening values that demonstrate the minimal acceptable level of a substance.
  16. An input pressure regulator reduces these pressures to acceptable levels for the membrane.
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