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  1. Still, he said, waiting times on hold stretched well beyond American's normally acceptable lengths.
  2. Perhaps it's time to discuss this as I feel it's close to being of acceptable length.
  3. What is the acceptable length of time to allow something uncited to remain in an article?
  4. I trimmed it back to an acceptable length, and was acknowledged by some as being quite good.
  5. If having done that the hook length is still 200 characters or less, it is probably an acceptable length.
  6. It's difficult to find acceptable length in a sentence.
  7. What is an acceptable length of time for starting the generator ( some generators can take hours to start )?
  8. :* Comment : I asked at WT : DYK # Special holding what acceptable lengths for special occasion holding was.
  9. In 1960, the College built a gymnasium, which was wide enough for basketball, but was 12 inches short of acceptable length.
  10. While fatigue cracks of an acceptable length are normal in aircraft, they are usually found during routine inspections or stopped at a crack-arresting feature.
  11. We jump straight in with the race-by-race report, and it's going to be tough to keep each of these summaries to an acceptable length.
  12. Different breeds use different names for longhaired and shorthaired types, there is no standard nomenclature for length, breed standards give acceptable lengths by measurement.
  13. He wanted a first-hand look, to be able to determine the acceptable length of time for a bus to exceed its speed limit in order to overtake a slower vehicle.
  14. Presley made appearances in four consecutive weeks on the Blue Moon " were added to seven of the RCA sessions tracks to bring the running time of the album up to an acceptable length.
  15. Some comments may be seen as'ill-defined'and'contentious', but I don't see a single try to work on those comments ( even if it was hard to differentiate between what is considered an acceptable length ).
  16. Keeping the film at an acceptable length required moving events that took place in the book's second half, primarily the return of Coatl and demise of de Silva, forward to what became the film's finale.
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