acceptable for in a sentence

"acceptable for" in Chinese  
  1. And we told them they were not acceptable for the clubhouse.
  2. What makes an item of clothing acceptable for the average man?
  3. The 1929 challenge : make it acceptable for women to smoke.
  4. _Never assume all weekend clothes are acceptable for casual days.
  5. Would it then be acceptable for chemical castration to be compulsory?
  6. It's difficult to find acceptable for in a sentence.
  7. A . Cedar is acceptable for steps; it resists decay.
  8. Corporate pilots also have looser limits on weather acceptable for takeoffs.
  9. This is not acceptable for simulations with large number of particles.
  10. Until 1850, Russenorsk was socially acceptable for all social classes.
  11. Otherwise, the solution would not be acceptable for minister Verdonk.
  12. This was not acceptable for Paparo, who returned to Rome.
  13. Dresses, casual dresses, or pantsuits are acceptable for women.
  14. The language was advocated as acceptable for learned and literary use.
  15. :It is most likely not acceptable for inclusion in wikipedia.
  16. Either way it is acceptable for him to return to editing.
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