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  1. Participants consumed the FDA s maximal acceptable daily intake of commercial saccharin.
  2. The acceptable daily intake is up to 0.7 milligrams per kilogram of body weight.
  3. The acceptable daily intake of acesulfame potassium is listed as 15 mg / kg / day.
  4. European Community legislation limits the acceptable daily intake ( ADI ) of Brown FK to 0.15 mg / kg.
  5. The SCF established a group Acceptable Daily Intake ( ADI ) not specified for silicon dioxide and the alkali metal silicates.
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  7. On the basis of other evidence the EFSA also reduced the acceptable daily intake ( ADI ) to 0.5 mg / kg.
  8. However, it is estimated that less than 0.5 % of the acceptable daily intake of triclocarban for humans is represented by vegetable consumption.
  9. The European Food Safety Authority reported in 2006 that the previously established Acceptable daily intake was appropriate, after reviewing yet another set of studies.
  10. The maximal acceptable daily intake for human consumption is 25 mg / kg, or 1750 mg daily for an average adult ( 70 kg ).
  11. During this meeting temporary tolerances were recommended for food, like several fruits, nuts and milk in the form of an acceptable daily intake ( ADI ).
  12. The acceptable daily intake ( ADI ) for steviol glycosides, expressed as steviol equivalents, has been established to be 4 mg / kg body weight / day.
  13. The current Acceptable Daily Intake ( ADI ) is considered to be safe for the general population and consumer exposure to aspartame is below this ADI ."
  14. In 2010, The European Food Safety Authority established an acceptable daily intake of 4 mg / kg / day of steviol, in the form of steviol glycosides.
  15. Originally acceptable daily intake ( ADI ) was introduced in 1961 to define the daily intake of a food additive which, during the entire lifetime, appears to be without appreciable risk.
  16. The WHO's Joint Experts Committee on Food Additives has approved, based on long-term studies, an acceptable daily intake of steviol glycoside of up to 4 mg / kg of body weight.
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