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  1. Nevertheless, even under acceptable conditions, the Illinois River can still cause casualties.
  2. Thankfully the art pieces and the chapel remained in acceptable condition.
  3. A landlord's business problems often hurt tenants already living in barely acceptable conditions.
  4. The latter offered acceptable conditions, and Bari surrendered on April 1071.
  5. Forecasters put the odds of acceptable conditions at 90 percent.
  6. It's difficult to find acceptable conditions in a sentence.
  7. Shuttle weather officer Ed Priselac put the odds of acceptable conditions at 80 percent.
  8. as " acceptable ", which means elections hold under acceptable conditions for the international community.
  9. According to an assessment in 2007, 37 percent of city streets were in acceptable condition.
  10. In them, it found that only 56 percent of park features were in acceptable condition.
  11. This company is not operating under acceptable conditions.
  12. He appeared to override the Dayton requirement that the OSCE certify by mid-July whether acceptable conditions exist.
  13. Fundamentally, acceptable conditions are a matter of human judgment, not an inherent quality of a particular site.
  14. All new and returning students must have their full uniforms in acceptable condition for admission in September.
  15. Among those, 85 percent reported operating in buildings that were in an unacceptable or barely acceptable condition.
  16. Given a half-decent boat in acceptable conditions, the team of Conner / Whidden / Cayard is simply unbeatable.
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