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  1. In local law enforcement, there are no acceptable casualty rates.
  2. This was a military operation, and in military operations, there are acceptable casualties.
  3. "To say that's an acceptable casualty is beyond the scope of the admissions office, " he said Tuesday.
  4. The Republican leadership, my friend argued, is pursuing a strategy that in the military would be called " acceptable casualties ."
  5. The term " end game " has replaced that gory, old-fashioned word " victory, " and the phrase " acceptable casualties " means no American casualties.
  6. It's difficult to find acceptable casualties in a sentence.
  7. New York Times spokeswoman Catherine Mathis said reporter John Burns and photographer Tyler Hicks were told to leave Baghdad Monday, citing the paper's policy that " the only acceptable casualty rate for journalists is zero ."
  8. However, many prominent naval tacticians have recently argued this point; the sinking of the ARA " General Belgrano " was the result of a modern nuclear-powered submarine hunting a pre-World War II ship with no anti-submarine capabilities, and the British ships sunk by the Argentinian Air Force were acceptable casualties in view of the fact that they were screening forces, either for the British aircraft carriers in the cases of HMS " Sheffield " and even " Atlantic Conveyor ", or for the amphibious landing forces as with HMS " Coventry ", HMS " Ardent " and HMS " Antelope ".

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