acceptable bounds in a sentence

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  1. But the message was within acceptable bounds of political speech.
  2. No way does Kansas City's rate fall within acceptable bounds.
  3. They have always gone on, and they should, within mutually acceptable bounds.
  4. Zimmer, in the interview, firmly resisted the suggestion that his ads went beyond acceptable bounds.
  5. This debate must continue for the sake of Israeli democracy, but it must continue within acceptable bounds,
  6. It's difficult to find acceptable bounds in a sentence.
  7. There is no denying that User works to present an Israeli perspective but it is within acceptable bounds.
  8. "The behavior of his majesty toward several of his wives has gone beyond acceptable bounds,"
  9. They like parameters mapped out for them, because it leaves them free to operate at will within acceptable bounds.
  10. The majority of philosophies and religions advocate at the very least tempering the passions to keep them within acceptable bounds.
  11. Still, they say they are determined to make sure that Internet use in Saudi Arabia is kept within acceptable bounds.
  12. Asked about the safety of rodeo for youngsters, parents said they occasionally worry but feel that the risks are well within acceptable bounds.
  13. Currency traders say that they are merely operating within the acceptable bounds of capitalism and that their actions only reflect underlying problems in an economy.
  14. The number of incidents we experience may be well within acceptable bounds given the number of interactions occurring among troubled families experiencing very difficult circumstances,
  15. He said that an expert had found that only three of the missed cancers could be legitimately blamed on him, and that such an error rate fell within acceptable bounds.
  16. To fall within acceptable bounds, said the 5-foot-9, 189-pound Smith, " You'd have to be a string bean ."
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