acceptable behavior in a sentence

"acceptable behavior" in Chinese  
  1. They've done little or nothing to define acceptable behavior.
  2. In Russia, drinking yourself into oblivion is considered acceptable behavior.
  3. He said such a leak crosses the line of acceptable behavior.
  4. Students are expected to have mastered daily routines and acceptable behavior.
  5. Writing screenplays has always hovered on the brink of socially acceptable behavior.
  6. It's difficult to find acceptable behavior in a sentence.
  7. The art of education involves teaching acceptable behavior without criminalizing the child.
  8. Hollywood operates best when people go beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior.
  9. However, clarify what is acceptable behavior before you go.
  10. The range of acceptable behavior is getting narrower and narrower.
  11. The users were responsible for laws and acceptable behavior within the Habitat.
  12. But I think this is way beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior.
  13. Dennis Brown has explained that this is not acceptable behavior.
  14. The initiatives sought to prohibit public schools from presenting homosexuality as acceptable behavior.
  15. Believe it or not, that's not acceptable behavior on Wikipedia.
  16. This is not acceptable behavior here or anywhere else.
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