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  1. I knew, however, that she had ripened well into the acceptable age for grandparenting.
  2. What do you think is an acceptable age to start letting your child stay home alone?
  3. TV is also more forgiving than film, which is clogged with arbitrary notions of acceptable ages and physical types.
  4. "And it's not just conservators, it's the art profession at large that has not really established a consensus of acceptable aging ."
  5. The qualifications for the training are not stringent _ the acceptable age range is 18 to 80 _ and Orsos is willing to consider almost anyone.
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  7. A proposed protocol to the 1989 U . N . Convention on the Rights of the Child would raise the minimum acceptable age to 18, from 15.
  8. "These trade agreements don't do anything but allow foreign companies to sell more products here that are made by workers earning 17 cents an hour or workers well under an acceptable age ."
  9. Civilian scientists were soon in demand, height limits were eased ( it was 6 feet for Apollo flights ) and the maximum acceptable age fluctuated between 32 and 39 . Today there are many restrictions, but none for age.
  10. In matters of personal law, such as acceptable age of marriage for girls, female circumcision, polygamy, divorce and inheritance, Indian law permits each religious group to implement their religious law if the religion so dictates, otherwise the state laws apply.

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