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  1. Many articles on the live Wikipedia website are of acceptable accuracy.
  2. At least 21 microplanes are needed for acceptable accuracy but 37 are distinctly more accurate.
  3. Colt Customer Service stated they had a lack of acceptable accuracy problem with the " bull " bushingless barrel setup.
  4. And is required for acceptable accuracy of the result data is the official source of information of results but not formulas.
  5. It says a census " of acceptable accuracy and cost is not possible without the use of sampling procedures ."
  6. It's difficult to find acceptable accuracy in a sentence.
  7. In flow measurement, the turndown ratio indicates the range of flow that a flow meter is able to measure with acceptable accuracy.
  8. Mauser C96 and C30 " Broomhandle " pistols typically have oversized bores, and . 311 " bullets may be needed to produce acceptable accuracy.
  9. Switching power supplies have even been modified into crude class-D amplifiers ( though typically these only reproduce low-frequencies with acceptable accuracy ).
  10. Measuring low-value resistors, such as fractional-ohm resistors, with acceptable accuracy requires Kelvin clips has a pair of jaws insulated from each other.
  11. For long limbs with changing curvature determining the limb length into smaller segments with each segment measured independently will almost always be required if acceptable accuracy is to be achieved.
  12. :" Although amylase is widely available and provides acceptable accuracy of diagnosis, where lipase is available it is preferred for the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis ( recommendation grade A )"
  13. Some of the most widely used, such as the electronic structure programs VASP and WIEN2k, make use of approximations so that acceptable accuracy can be achieved with a minimum of computer resources.
  14. What is the smallest volume that can be measured with acceptable accuracy for prescription compounding in a 2-mL pipette in which the maximum error is 0.005mL independent of the volume measure?
  15. Where system frequency is not tightly regulated during heavy load periods, the system operators may allow system frequency to rise during periods of light load, to maintain a daily average frequency of acceptable accuracy.
  16. :"'Measurement range "': Defined as the maximum attenuation that can be placed between the instrument and the event being measured, for which the instrument will still be able to measure the event within acceptable accuracy limits.
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