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  1. There are more reasons beside cost and health and general acceptability.
  2. "It's about attitudes and acceptability ."
  3. We still do not see any acceptability to the military regime,
  4. Such models necessarily struggle to improve the acceptability of public policy.
  5. His acceptability was backed by his thorough understanding of the Region.
  6. It's difficult to find acceptability in a sentence.
  7. Does this make a difference in the source's acceptability?
  8. Freedom has nothing to do with the acceptability of a source.
  9. There are two basic principles that govern the acceptability of evidence.
  10. Government agencies involved were concerned about the acceptability of their actions.
  11. I'd like to have my page checked for acceptability.
  12. Any help on the acceptability of " primary sources " ??
  13. We labored on it, and we were concerned about the acceptability,
  14. Quality bar : The remarkably flexible level of acceptability in a product.
  15. Throughout Europe, English is growing in use and acceptability.
  16. So the social acceptability of smoking is changing in some important ways.
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