accept your suggestion in a sentence

  1. Unfortunately I doubt the rest of the world would accept your suggestions.
  2. "I neither accept your suggestion nor share your clairvoyance, " he said frostily.
  3. I do agree that additional copyediting would be useful and gratefully accept your suggestion to contact the editior you suggested.
  4. :Steven, thank you for taking the time to deal with this, I'd be glad to accept your suggestion on how to proceed.
  5. :: : : : : : Dear Mr Schulz, I accept your suggestion and will ignore that article in the future, as well as Mr . Batman.
  6. It's difficult to find accept your suggestion in a sentence.
  7. When he reached Jiangling, he held Liang Zhen's hands and said, " I did not accept your suggestion, and I was almost caught in a tiger's mouth . " He further spoke with his staff members and criticized Emperor Zhuangzong:
  8. I try to find a neutral solution, having respect for everybody, and this would be that we can simple add to all of them together in the lead of the information, and that's all ! !, end of all problems ! ! !, I don't accept your suggestion in this sense, this people not only contributed, they made more than a simple choir, but I don't enter in polemics here, just writting the fair information.
  9. Li Ji, initially not understanding that it was code, was angry that Guo was writing poems on the frontline, but his secretary Yuan Wanqing ( CQ, ??) was able to decode the poem, showing Li Ji the request, so Li Ji sent food supplies to Guo . ( Yuan was later, however, exiled when he wrote a declaration against Goguryeo that stated, " You do not even know to defend Yalu River ! " after which Yeon Namgeon responded by stating, " I accept your suggestion ! " and defended Yalu River, not allowing Li Ji to cross . ) Only in fall 668 was Li Ji able to cross Yalu River and advance to Pyongyang and put the city under siege.
  10. I agree completely with what you wrote regarding the term'Catholic Church'retain its common meaning-the current Catholic Church under Pope Benedict XVI . I agree the term'Post Vatican II Catholic Church'needs to be explained ( as it is in the beginning of the article ) and that that phrase could be used in a few places to explain Schuckardt's POV . ( I still think a link to the Wikipedia article on Sedevacantis ( or however you spell it ) would be sufficient since it details the point of view regarding the legitamacy of the'Post Vatican II Church', but I accept your suggestion . ) I agree that the counterclaims section needs to be slimmed down and look forward to that happening in an organized fashion.

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