accept to in a sentence

  1. Why should you accept to lose a player for the wrong price?
  2. Blondie has no choice but to accept to defend Dagwood s honor.
  3. I know she will not accept to do so, " al-Radaydeh said.
  4. Wal accepts to teach him about medicine, and Samuel learns a lot.
  5. Every year it is costing me to accept to play second fiddle.
  6. It's difficult to find accept to in a sentence.
  7. They effectively accept to treat that material as out of copyright everywhere.
  8. I take it Rarelibra accepts to stay away from South Tyrol articles.
  9. They must decide if they will accept to become brothers to humans.
  10. She says she forgives everybody including Mikko and accepts to marry him.
  11. After Wren watches the video, he accepts to meet Caroline for breakfast.
  12. I believe that Israel should accept to launch a dialogue with Saddam.
  13. Serb people cannot accept to be a part of the Muslim-Croat federation.
  14. In an unexpected turn of events, Juan accepts to marry Monica.
  15. We no longer accept to be the dumping ground of South African goods,
  16. Qureia said Arafat " urged me strongly to accept to form a government.
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