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  1. Delta said it will accept delivery of two other Boeing aircraft in 2005.
  2. When she isn't receiving serves, Serena Williams accepts delivery of movie and television scripts.
  3. The buyer must also accept delivery under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, s27.
  4. Peapod accepts manufacturers'coupons and, like Albertson's, requires someone to be home to accept deliveries.
  5. To be sure, buyers once notified aren't immediately obligated to accept delivery of the grain.
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  7. Syed Hamid said there were no plans for Malaysia not to accept delivery of the frigates.
  8. Emery said it's standard practice to have customers train on the machines before they accept delivery.
  9. Despite the airline's troubles, Sutch said it still would accept delivery of aircraft it has already ordered.
  10. Rather than accept delivery of unwanted grain, some traders have chosen to sell, or liquidate, their positions.
  11. P & O refused to accept delivery of the ship due to vibration problems during sea trials.
  12. Citing modifications that were not made, the passenger railroad recently declined to accept delivery of a 19th train.
  13. Someone ( not necessarily the cardholder ) must be at home to accept delivery, the Web site says.
  14. Before I make reservations, I make sure that someone at the hotel will accept delivery of the box.
  15. Gunn also told Bombardier-Alstom that he wouldn't accept delivery of two new trains, citing modifications that were not made.
  16. Earlier in the day, Politkovskaya arrange for the hostage-takers to accept deliveries of water and warm meals for the captives.
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