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  1. Choose accompanying ingredients for texture, color and accenting flavors.
  2. Songs often use syncopation, which is the accenting of unexpected beats.
  3. Syncopated rhythms contradict those conventions by accenting unexpected parts of the beat.
  4. The emphasis shifted from minimizing the breasts to uplifting and accenting them.
  5. But there I go again, accenting the negative.
  6. It's difficult to find accenting in a sentence.
  7. Accenting this is a painted mural of the countryside.
  8. A touch of ginger accenting roasted duck is fine.
  9. Georgi Zhemchuzhin conducted, accenting the lyrical without bombast.
  10. The brick mortar is white with a tooled joint accenting the red brick.
  11. No ugly jackets, military accenting or epaulets.
  12. Accenting her story's warmth and charm is a gently jaunty jazz score.
  13. Accenting the bold ensemble were some of the game's most ferocious strokes.
  14. Both are generally on a grey background with white and / or black accenting.
  15. Susan Lazar also focused on a high waistline, sometimes accenting it with obi wrapping.
  16. Beltrami composed the brass section to exchange octaves with the strings accenting scales in between.
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