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  1. My thrill was plying my awful Transylvanian accent on the Count.
  2. "Everybody has an accent, " she says.
  3. In America, there are about a million zillion different accents.
  4. An accent on youth also has bolstered PACT's image.
  5. Normally I find people trying to wing accents kind of embarrassing.
  6. It's difficult to find accent in a sentence.
  7. Parker was the master of ceremonies and used a British accent.
  8. And Dalton, too, has some trouble with his accent.
  9. "The English love accents, " he explained.
  10. But somehow, Schudroff has never lost his New York accent.
  11. Both books sparkle with silver accents on the sweetly drawn illustrations.
  12. He has a Hungarian accent, which is hard to attain.
  13. The drumming was not simply a matter of accent and impact.
  14. D'Amato said in his version of a Japanese accent.
  15. The heavy accent convinced my father and convinced all of us.
  16. She worked on a Cuban accent and spent time in Miami.
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