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  1. The first thing I noticed about him was his tremendous acceleration,
  2. He seemed to have his same speed, quickness and acceleration.
  3. Fair acceleration with lots of attendant engine noise, smooth shifting.
  4. "There was no acceleration, " he said.
  5. We achieved this acceleration over a distance less than one millimeter.
  6. It's difficult to find acceleration in a sentence.
  7. The 4-banger offers decent acceleration and sufficient passing reserve.
  8. The greater the acceleration, the more the diving board bends.
  9. The Mountaineer's rocketlike acceleration pinned me against the seat.
  10. No signs of acceleration in the rate of general wage increases.
  11. Acceleration is OK; this is not a performance barn burner.
  12. There is not much room in my view for further acceleration.
  13. The acceleration doesn't require a faster modem or software.
  14. The car was rock steady during acceleration, braking and turns.
  15. Acceleration International stock was unchanged Friday at 3 11 / 16.
  16. Acceleration rate on takeoff : Zero to 225 mph in 20 seconds
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