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  1. Revenue growth is accelerating for the group and margins are stabilizing,
  2. This, too, could be a form of accelerated aging,
  3. The two powers agreed to accelerate the dismantling of nuclear arms.
  4. We need to accelerate the state of the art for training,
  5. Transit officials speculated that the motorman accelerated after clearing the signal.
  6. It's difficult to find accelerate in a sentence.
  7. The accelerated artery construction proposal for downtown is one of those.
  8. When a bad shooter hits the rim, the ball accelerates.
  9. There are other advantages for pharmacists in the accelerated payment system.
  10. This gives us a way to accelerate our deployment of video.
  11. Yet analysts said concern German inflation will accelerate further is overdone.
  12. These days it seems to be accelerating and broadening in scope.
  13. The filing may even accelerate the negotiating process, he said.
  14. Lower interest rates stimulate economic activity and allow inflation to accelerate.
  15. International growth is sure to accelerate earnings growth, he said.
  16. said his progress could be accelerated by a few defining moments.
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