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  1. The Agence Centrafricaine de Presse ( ACAP ) bulletin appears sporadically.
  2. An ACAP application need not be purely procedural or declarative.
  3. The spectacled petrel is listed on ACAP Annex 1.
  4. ACAP members are nonprofit plans that serve public insurance programs and the safety net.
  5. ACAP is primarily based on the DVB consortium and DASE, developed by the ATSC.
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  7. No public search engines recognise Acap.
  8. The name change to the Association for Community Affiliated Plans ( ACAP ) reflected the new mission and membership.
  9. Currently ACAP protects all the world's albatross species, seven southern-hemisphere petrel and two shearwater species.
  10. It is available for $ 5 from ACAP, Post Office Box 19029, Washington, D . C . 20036.
  11. Instead, ACAP penalized OneWorld a point, deducted from its score at the end of the second round-robin.
  12. In Malaysia, ACAP is being run by the Malaysian Nature Society, the Wildlife and National Parks Department and GSN.
  13. ACAP has been in operation since 1983 and has campuses in four cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.
  14. The current student population of ACAP including those studying on-campus and by flexible delivery is over 3, 500.
  15. ACAP is spread over five districts of the Western Development Region of Nepal and covers 55 village development committees ( VDCs ).
  16. ACAP aims to make it possible to express more complex permissions than the simple binary choice of  inclusion or  exclusion.
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