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  1. When Bascos was promoted and then transferred to Acao National High School, Bauang, La Union.
  2. ALGAO resulted from the merger of the Association of County Archaeological Officers ( ACAO ) and the Council of District Archaeological Officers ( CDAO ) in 1996.
  3. Acao de Vinhaca e Fosfato Natural Sobre A Populacao de Bacterias Solubilizadoras de Fosfato Bicalcico, Habitantes da Rizosfera de Lycopersicum Esculentum ( Mill . ) Cv . Petomech.
  4. Confundir este tipo de acao com guerras para impor formas especificas de organizacao politica constitui um retrocesso grave na construcao de um mundo das civilizacoes ( e nao simplesmente civilizado ).
  5. Acao Comunitaria do Brasil hopes to raise standards and goals for youngsters in Rio's 600 or so slums, which are often run as private fiefdoms by drug gangs.
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  7. The five others are Tiring National high School, Wenceslao Grio National High School, Acao National High School, Mateo National High School and Ambrosio Maido Memorial National High School.
  8. The dance program is sponsored by Acao Comunitaria do Brasil _ Brazilian Community Action _ a privately financed group that has been active in Rio's shantytowns for almost 40 years.
  9. In the Department of Post, the officers from this service are manning the offices of FA / DDG / GM, Director, ADG / Dy Director / ACAO of Postal Accounts located at DOP Headquarters and in all states.
  10. Note that in the CORS architecture, the ACAO header is being set by the external web service ( " service . example . com " ), not the original web application server ( " www . example . com " ).

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