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  1. _Bear's breeches ( " Acanthus mollis " ) has large, glossy, dark green, lobed foliage and 3-foot spikes of hooded blooms.
  2. "Acanthus mollis, " or bear's breeches, has large, deeply lobed, dark-green leaves that served as the pattern for the capitals of Corinthian columns.
  3. The generic name derives from the Greek term for the Acanthus mollis,, " akanthos ", a plant that was commonly imitated in Corinthian capitals.
  4. A species well-known to temperate gardeners is bear's breeches ( " Acanthus mollis " ), a herbaceous perennial plant with big leaves and flower spikes up to 2 m tall.
  5. In the front garden, near the fence, there is, or was, an acanthus mollis every bit as beautiful as those I remember seeing down around Claxton, Ga ., a few years ago.
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