abysmals in a sentence

"abysmals" in Chinese  
  1. The U . S . record in Iran was admittedly abysmal.
  2. Last season was abysmal, a nightmare of the highest proportions,
  3. Read-Rite has abundant capacity but their yields are abysmal.
  4. The quality of legal representation in many death cases is abysmal.
  5. But this week's report on 12th graders was abysmal.
  6. It's difficult to find abysmals in a sentence.
  7. We have done an abysmal job selling Republican candidates to minorities.
  8. Beyond the machine itself, the customer support plan is abysmal.
  9. Enforcement of environmental regulations by the Mexican government has been abysmal.
  10. We can all make a list of decisions that were abysmal.
  11. Khristich was abysmal, from the opening faceoff of Round 1.
  12. It's tedious work, with an abysmal success rate.
  13. The food situation has improved a little but is still abysmal.
  14. "Hate crimes are abysmal, " he said.
  15. The market was so abysmal that some members had drifted away.
  16. NASA has an abysmal record for delivering new craft on time.
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