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  1. University officials need to set policy and guidelines on alcohol abuse.
  2. Physical abuse is often part of his domination over a woman.
  3. Now, because of Simpson, attention is on spousal abuse.
  4. It's truly the most insidious kind of elder abuse.
  5. "But I don't abuse it ."
  6. It's difficult to find abuse in a sentence.
  7. -- An additional 23 citations were issued for sexual abuse.
  8. Talking about it is something an abuse survivor has to do.
  9. Rural counties had the highest numbers of reported abuse and neglect.
  10. Few abused children murder their parents, " he concludes.
  11. She said she went on to write legislation against child abuse.
  12. It turns out that Tom has repressed memories of sexual abuse.
  13. And " The Icicle Melts " addresses child abuse.
  14. When he had his substance abuse problems, he sold everything,
  15. There are other contributors to unintentional drug abuse, experts say.
  16. What if Socks the First Cat files a domestic abuse suit?
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