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  1. "The removal of Doris Duke's personal choice as co-executor of her estate without a hearing is an outrageous abuse of judicial discretion, " said Howard Weitzman, in a prepared statement.
  2. "The suddenness with which the court abandoned Brown's right to choose and the willingness of the court to micro-manage leave us no choice but to challenge the ruling as an abuse of judicial discretion,"
  3. We have heard a lot in the Louise Woodward case in the last few weeks about the miscarriage of justice, about the " cult " of child abuse, about the use and abuse of judicial discretion.
  4. The unanimous ruling by a three-judge panel criticized the lower court judge, Anthony J . Iuliani, who had rejected Bacharach's name-change application last August, and called his ruling groundless, discriminatory and an abuse of judicial discretion.
  5. Stevens said on Tuesday that Judge Wright's decision to delay the trial was an abuse of judicial discretion because it took " no account whatever " of Ms . Jones's interests in proceeding with the case.
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