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  1. The failure to exercise reasonable judgment or discretion is abuse of discretion.
  2. Abuse of discretion is one of the highest standards known to the law.
  3. "You could argue there was abuse of discretion, " he added.
  4. The High Court ruled that the NLRC " acted with grave abuse of discretion"
  5. If appealed, the appellate courts review such the decision for an abuse of discretion.
  6. It's difficult to find abuse of discretion in a sentence.
  7. "Judge Clark's order is a clear abuse of discretion ."
  8. The court reviewed the District Court's decision for abuse of discretion, and found none.
  9. It is " possible to go to court if there is an abuse of discretion,"
  10. The court also found that there was no abuse of discretion by the trial judge.
  11. It also said Biggers'dismissal of the case " was not an abuse of discretion ."
  12. After " Abudu ", courts review denials of motions to reopen for abuse of discretion.
  13. He turned to whether such a ruling was justified and not an abuse of discretion.
  14. There is no evidence of abuse of discretion.
  15. The judge held that in Elian's case there was no abuse of discretion by immigration officials.
  16. There is no authority for such an extraordinary act and it constitutes an abuse of discretion.
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