abuse of authority in a sentence

"abuse of authority" in Chinese  
  1. "That's an abuse of authority,"
  2. Heated lobbying has led to media reports about abuse of authority.
  3. We have laws on our books that punish the abuse of authority.
  4. The charges included rape, robbery, murder and abuse of authority.
  5. All three are under investigation for alleged abuse of authority.
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  7. It looks like an abuse of authority and a concealment of facts,
  8. Abuse of authority led England to detain members of the Jewish community.
  9. She is also accused of abuse of authority and insubordination in the case.
  10. A DoD IG investigation partially substantiated the allegations, finding abuse of authority.
  11. (3 ) This current ban follows this pattern of abuse of authority.
  12. We attack abuse of authority, attack authority,
  13. The servicemen are to be investigated for kidnapping, robbery and abuse of authority.
  14. Koshchits has been charged with two other executives from Sibur with abuse of authority.
  15. The eight officers are accused of abuse of authority, assault and illegal detention.
  16. The same laws allow citizens to sue officials for abuse of authority or malfeasance.
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