abuse of alcohol in a sentence

  1. Abuse of alcohol and drugs is common in these neighbourhoods.
  2. Abuse of alcohol weakened his health and he died prematurely at age 35.
  3. Paterson's tenure with Aberdeen was marred by his abuse of alcohol.
  4. Some early biographers associated his early death with his party lifestyle and abuse of alcohol.
  5. In Northern Ireland, one of the biggest problems is the abuse of alcohol by loyalist marchers.
  6. It's difficult to find abuse of alcohol in a sentence.
  7. It wasn't around the abuse of alcohol or drugs but around another kind of addiction.
  8. Princeton and many other universities worry about lawsuits that might arise from the abuse of alcohol by students.
  9. Linnie's grandmother had warned child welfare officials early on about her abuse of alcohol and drugs.
  10. His abuse of alcohol could also be seen as a manifestation of an urge toward self-destruction.
  11. There's almost universal agreement that abuse of alcohol and other drugs is dangerous, deadly and expensive.
  12. The mission of drug courts is to stop the abuse of alcohol and other drugs and related criminal activity.
  13. In the last years of his life Fadeyev developed a nervous condition, exacerbated by the prolonged abuse of alcohol.
  14. Abuse of alcohol was another problem, and her heavy drinking eventually earned her the nickname " Champagne Perrie ".
  15. Some college officials and health specialists point out that several recent studies indicate that the abuse of alcohol has been decreasing.
  16. Her struggle with mental instability became more pronounced in her last years, complicated by her abuse of alcohol and laudanum.
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