abundant in a sentence

"abundant" meaning  "abundant" in Chinese  
  1. Yet the talent remains abundant and the team continues to excel.
  2. At first, the settlers'new farmland yielded abundant crops.
  3. The fan mail is abundant, and marriage proposals not infrequent.
  4. African-American distrust of the police is abundant and growing.
  5. Political power gives us abundant coercive resources to appropriate and consume.
  6. It's difficult to find abundant in a sentence.
  7. Food is abundant, at least in the cities like Hanoi.
  8. Renfield's appetite for bugs accounts for abundant vulgar hilarity.
  9. But we do not live in a world of abundant resources.
  10. The tree is so abundant on vacant lots and disturbed sites.
  11. They were greeted with abundant " Go Home !"
  12. Read-Rite has abundant capacity but their yields are abysmal.
  13. Most ingredients were contained in a cooler with abundant ice packs.
  14. In every direction from Weston, there are abundant uncrowded trails.
  15. It was a joyful press conference abundant in the Irish brogue.
  16. Sinking air currents associated with the high will promote abundant sunshine.
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