abundances of the elements in a sentence

  1. An unusual abundance of the element europium demonstrates it to be a peculiar, or Ap star.
  2. Vega has an unusually low abundance of the elements with a higher atomic number than that of helium.
  3. Hoyle's work explained how the abundances of the elements increased with time as the galaxy aged.
  4. It has an unusually low abundance of the elements with a higher atomic number than that of helium.
  5. In 1991 it was identified as a possible barium star, as it displays an enhanced abundance of the element barium in its spectrum.
  6. It's difficult to find abundances of the elements in a sentence.
  7. Magnesium is a component of aragonite, and an abundance of the element is necessary for the development of aragonitic structure-building organisms.
  8. Sebag would later claim that this laborious work helped him understand the relative crustal abundance of the elements and how gold ascended as money.
  9. However, tellurium is a relatively rare element ( 1 5 parts per billion in the Earth's crust; see Abundances of the elements ( data page ) ).
  10. By studying the ratio between two isotopes of the same element, we avoid effects involving the overall abundance of the element, which usually swamp the much smaller variations in isotopic abundances.
  11. This became clear during the decade prior to World War II . The fusion-produced nuclei are restricted to those only slightly heavier than the fusing nuclei; thus they do not contribute heavily to the natural abundances of the elements.
  12. If the subject of the origins and abundance of the elements interests you, I highly recommend P . A . Cox's " The Elements : Their Origin, Abundance, and Distribution " http : / / www . amazon . com / The-Elements-Origin-Abundance-Distribution / dp / 019855298X which is perhaps the most fascinating and well-written science books I have ever read.

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