abundance in a sentence

"abundance" meaning  "abundance" in Chinese  
  1. An abundance of pitching deficiencies has been afflicting the major leagues.
  2. Olympic sprinters have an abundance of fast-twitch muscle fiber.
  3. Despite the apparent odds, bravado is still available in abundance.
  4. The abundance in their lives is to enlighten you and me.
  5. Orlando has it in abundance and the Celtics don't.
  6. It's difficult to find abundance in a sentence.
  7. Even the abundance of sand traps doesn't worry Landers.
  8. There are hints that he has experienced an abundance of pain.
  9. Gainey said of how Detroit deals with an abundance of centers.
  10. The South has never been known for an abundance of unions.
  11. And why do they seem to be in such abundance there?
  12. The qualities listeners cherish in his work are present in abundance.
  13. There was an abundance of food and very light fishing pressure.
  14. Now there is an abundance of first-rate Mozart singers.
  15. It is a view that she appears to have in abundance.
  16. The plan was clear : Find an abundance of promising players.
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