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  1. Species abundance patterns can be best visualized in the form of relative abundance distribution plots.
  2. A recent focus has been on documenting and explaining the distribution and abundance patterns of herpetofauna.
  3. In ? Arietis, these absorption lines are broadened because of the Doppler effect from the rotation, making analysis of the abundance patterns difficult.
  4. The consistency of relative species abundance patterns suggests that some common macroecological " rule " or process determines the distribution of individuals among species within a trophic level.
  5. Asteroseismic observations of other pulsating Lambda Bo鰐is stars suggest that the peculiar abundance patterns of these stars are confined to the surface only : the bulk composition is likely more normal.
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  7. For example, in describing O A relationships for common British birds, Quinn et al . found that the occupancy at the finest resolution ( 10 x 10 km squares ) best explained abundance patterns.
  8. Research needs include clarifying taxonomic status, further sampling of range, determining population trends and abundance patterns, dependence on old-growth forests, and impacts of logging and harvesting to the viability of the population
  9. Although about 500 stars in the metallicity range  3 < [ Fe / H ] <  2 have been observed to date with high-resolution spectroscopy, SDSS J0018-0939 is unique in its observed abundance pattern.

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